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Which Brands Make Travel Packs
- May 07, 2018 -

Some of them are big names, they don't make travel packs. Including Osprey is just three small series. Gregory, Duter,

The Arcteryx, or the smaller Marrot, Haglofs, Mammut and other top outdoor brands, you may not be able to find a backpacker.

Line of backpacks. Unless you brainwash yourself, he is. He is. He is...

In other responses, many well-known outdoor brands are mentioned, but almost all of them are professional background of hiking outdoors.

That's what I said above.

Here are some suitable brands for backpacking trips.


The three series of Osprey's farpoint, Waypoint and Porter are travel backpacks, which can not be found in China's official website. Can be

To consider an open auction of Taiwan daigou.

Eagle creek

Eagle creek, the top brand in the pack, is designed for travel and has many new designs and types.

Much more special.


Pacsafe's backpack is also designed for travel. The design will include RFID personal information protection and back.

The design of anti-theft prevention and so on. His family is of good quality and not cheap.

Tom Bihn

If you've ever heard of this sign, you won't have to read this reply. Because this small American brand, with extremely reasonable space layout, surprised.

People pack a lot of travel material in a small backpack or a single shoulder. The material strives for perfection, the design is concise and generous. But because it's a niche.

Brand, buy in America.

Timbuk 2

Timbuk 2 aviator is the most suitable backpack for me now, 28L can even satisfy me a small number of exotic souvenirs shopping, of course if.

If you need a lot of shopping, I'll put an Osprey 46L or even 75L folding duffel. Enough to check in.

Timbuk 2 can be booked directly on the U.S. official website. UPS shipments.

The final summary

For backpackers, pack your backpack instead of hiking, hiking, ski bags, business bags, punch bags, etc. Give me the

It feels like mountain biking, not more than 100km a day, folding cars not folding, different designs for different needs.

Please don't waste your money.

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