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The Use Experience Of Scree 32L Travel Backpack
- May 07, 2018 -

Mystery Ranch's secret farm backpack brand is known in the domestic military circles, officially known as the secret Ranch. Brand patent three zippers.

Unique appearance and convenient practicality, is the Mystery Ranch secret Ranch is different from the big brand backpacks.

Today brings the mystery ranch Scree 32L backpack, which runs through the three zippers of the whole package, making the brand recognition of the backpack quite high. Dark blue

The main package is decorated with black, grey and red, without loss of fashion. I'm sure you'll find it very familiar to the veteran fans, and Scree is the army.

The civilian version of the 3DAY Assault Pack Assault Pack. It retains the MOLLE ribbon on the package and USES 420D high toughness nylon material.

Anti-splash water wear resistance tear, make the overall weight of the backpack lighter, portable.

The classic three zipper designs can be identified as Mystery Ranch. The user can easily spread out the entire backpack and improve the reception.

And the efficiency of the collection of the zipper backpack is fully exposed.

The sealed waterproof zipper does not need to worry that the rain will leak from the zipper into the bag when it rains.

The inner layer has a bag of water bags, and an elastic kettle on both sides of the bag. You can put down 900 milliliters of the thermos.

The belt is designed to fit in with large pockets, which can ensure a stable backpack and carry more items.

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