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The Importance Of Backpacking In Mountain Climbing
- May 07, 2018 -

Mountaineering, camping, outings, the most indispensable thing is the backpack. It can carry a lot of things, free your hands, and keep your balance.

To make the journey safer and more comfortable. But how to find the right one in a backpack that is big, small, and different, but not so easy?

Thing to do.


Knapsack, generally divided into hikers and hiking packages, is a light bag and heavy bag. Light backpack is suitable for walking, camping and short time travel.

Activities, light weight, simple design, in the weight of no more than four, 50 jin is a good choice. Heavy backpack is suitable for high altitude climbing and long.

Road crossing and other activities, the design of more consideration of the load state of the bearing performance, but tend to be heavier.


The outdoor knapsack is usually divided into different capacities, which are measured in liters (L), and vary from 15L, 30L, 45L, 60L and 70L. But how big

You can't just look at the size and number of your bags, but also how much of a system you need to carry the system. With the system and everybody.

Is directly related to the length of the trunk (torso length). Generally speaking, the trunk length is less than 45 cm for the small bag, and the trunk length is 45-.

For medium sized bags between 52cm, a large bag should be selected if the trunk length is over 52cm. [note: trunk length finger.

It is the distance between the seventh vertebra, the most prominent bone in the neck and the shoulder, and the vertebrae parallel to the hipbone.

Some backpacks are now designed with "elastic capacity", because the food and fuel consumed during the trip decreases with the increase in activity time, in order to.

It doesn't affect the compactness and balance of the backpack, which can make a backpack that can still be packed in a few days.

It can be applied to different areas of activity. In general, small and medium-sized backpacks do not need this design, and no one does, if you want.

Changing its capacity can be adjusted by adding side bags or adjusting the compression side.

There will be at least five adjustable elastic bands in a pack of 45 or more, with different functions. Like a belt, a shoulder strap, a chest strap, a backpack.

Compression belt, center of gravity adjustment belt, etc. Each strap needs to be adjusted to the most appropriate level in different situations so that it can lighten the load for the trip feeling.

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