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The Backpacks Are Made Of Materials
- May 07, 2018 -

Of course, outdoor items are a penny, and usually a good bag is expensive. In the material, workmanship and design, there are also very.

Many exquisite, even fabrics, zipper, fastener, ribbon, belt or shoulder belt, etc., have different manufacturers and brands. In addition, one

A good package is more humanized in design, which requires careful examination of the back. A proper backpack will make your trip more pleasant.


In the case of backpacking fabrics, it is necessary to consider the degree of wear-resistance, waterproof technology, fabric weight, degree of anti-tearing, softness and UV protection.

Degree, etc. The general pack does not have the waterproof function, need to match the waterproof cover; Wear-resistant materials are often used at the bottom of a backpack.

The bottom of the double backpack can increase the durability of the backpack.

Currently, there are two kinds of "nylon" and "Cordura". Although canvas is relatively wear-resisting, but because easy to be affected by damp, wet not easy to dry and quality is heavy, place.

It is rarely used. Nylon cloth quality is lighter, does not absorb moisture, mildew, dry fast, the strength is also good, the disadvantage is not wear-resisting and afraid of fire.

Cordura cloth is a synthetic nylon fabric, but it performs better on abrasion and strength than nylon, and also does not absorb moisture, mold or sticky snow.

Flowers, and quick dry, but slightly heavier than nylon.

The workmanship depends on the stitching strength. Including suture of the shoulder belt and the inclusion, the suture of the cover and the inclusion, the stitching of the lifting ring and the inclusion, and between the fabrics.

Suture, suture, suture, etc. The sutures in key areas are usually multiplexed and multi-insured.

Parts quality

Accessories include waist buckle, all zippers, ribbon and coupler, cover and package fasteners, external belt fasteners, etc.

The famous zippers have YKK and YBS, and YKK zipper is usually considered to be the top quality. The outdoor backpack zipper is all metal, usually on the mountain.

The zippers used are both size 5 and 8. The quality of the backpack is very important to the zipper.

Nylon and Poly are generally available in ribbon. Nylon ribbon is of good quality and soft feel, only use it for the best bag. Most of the subcontracts are made with Poly.

Ribbon. The load-bearing capacity of the ribbon is very good, so it is usually used to connect the lower fly of the strap, which is used as the position of side pull belt, belt and so on. Ribbon and block.

The button or pin is used in conjunction.

The so-called tower button is one side of the hair is the same as the hook, the two materials can be glued together, usually nylon. Use in the mouth or other position.

. The use of the tower buckles can be designed to easily disassemble the pendant.

The elastic bands, elastic ropes and ropes in the backpack are usually PP. Used in the shrinkage or other position of the bag.

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