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I Choose For Daily Use
- May 07, 2018 -

So, you still don't know how to choose the size of your backpack, remember this one, you can do this with your hand bag,

The weight of your backpack is appropriate. Capacity I want below 35L.

I will also finish writing the travel list as soon as possible and share my understanding of Packing Light. If you're interested, you can focus on me first.

Once in a while.

What are the functional requirements of Travel backpack for backpacking?

1) the main bunker is opened directly.

We know that the vast majority of mountaineering backpacks are above the top of the mouth, a casual reference.

The reason for the above opening is very simple, because outdoor hiking, especially the backpacks used for overnight use, is usually not too much.

Mat, kitchenware, cutlery and so on, only needed at camp. Therefore, the Packing is balanced according to the usual degree and weight.

The standard is placed in each location of the backpack and taken out of the camp. This way of opening up is conducive to all materials, vertical, stable and firm.

It's in the backpack. And when traveling in the wild, clothing, and various materials are placed in a drum pack, which is easier to compress from top to bottom.


But believe me, if you choose to use the top open backpack as a travel backpack... you, you will, later, regret,!

Because of the main opening above, especially when you arrive at the hotel, you can take the necessary toiletries, clothes, and so on.

Packing or unpacking is particularly inappropriate.

So you need an open backpack:

The main bin has three zippers, similar to a suitcase. This kind of open type backpack, easier to arrive at the hotel unpacking, also can be more convenient.

Use space, receive supplies. Think of a box, go out today just bought a little souvenir, casually look for an empty to be good, if open the bag that opens up.

? How do you get in?

2) the system can be hidden.

Travel backpacks are often placed in the cabin of the plane, or in the cabin of the hostel, on the hotel's luggage desk, and even occasionally you have to check in.

Backpack, you don't want to be exposed to the system. So be sure to find a backpack that can hide your system. And it's easy to hide.

From the home to the airport. In this process, I usually take the shoulder belt and belt several times.

3) the appropriate level of the system.

The top level of the system will naturally bring you a sense of relief, pressure, balance, breathability, and adjustment of your shoulders. Have a direct

The influence of.

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