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How To Choose The Right Backpack
- May 07, 2018 -

1. Determine the size of the backpack (backpack capacity)

The size of the backpack or the capacity we use to use liters (L) as a unit, some countries are also accustomed to using cubic inches (CU IN) units (1000 cubic meters).

It's about 16 liters in inches.

45L: this capacity is suitable for women's camping and hiking during the first and second days of warm weather. It can also be used as a big book.

The activity around the camp or the top of the mountain.

50-70 litres: support for longer trips and hikes during the spring/summer and autumn season, filling tents and other equipment and more warm clothing and food. this

A capacity is more choice.

70-95 liters: if you are a male and decide to buy only one bag, you can choose from this range. This capacity should cope with winter needs.

All the equipment, and also suitable for long - distance, long - time travel.

More than 95 litres: these high-capacity backpacks can cope with long hours of outdoor activities and trips, especially during the winter adventure and the climbing expeditions.

It is also suitable to carry the goods to the base camp. Or a very strong man carrying a few MM with the main equipment.

2. 5 aspects of hardware (backpacking quality)

1) materials: Oxford cloth, nylon and polyester fabric are generally used for 300D to 600D, but the texture, wear resistance, color and coating will be different.

. Best for dupont CORDURA fabrics, strong, wear-resistant, anti-ripping, performance beyond other fibers, and recently a super-lightweight CORDRA.

, can minimize the weight of the bag. The materials used on the bottom of the bag are stronger than those of the fabric, and are usually used more than 1000D nylon cloth.

2) design: package, carrying system, space allocation, small package configuration, external design, back cooling and sweating, rainproof cover, etc. A good backpack is set.

There are outstanding advantages in accounting.

3) accessories: zipper, fastener, receiving line and nylon belt are all very exquisite. The famous zippers have YKK and YBS, which are commonly used in mountaineering.

The zippers are both size 5 and 8. The quality of the fastener is much higher, with DURAFLEX as the best and utx-duraflex produced in Hong Kong. One of the

Plastic steel parts and nylon pieces, plastic steel feels better, hardness is large, the sound is more crisp. Nylon has a good toughness and great elasticity. Compression straps

The difference is big, good or bad is in appearance to be able to see come out, now use more is the Hong Kong sheng ji ribbon, close, firm, appearance is good.

4) process: the processing technology is determined by the workers' skill and machine equipment, the multi-function double needle machine, knotting machine, one molding press molding machine and rubber press machine.

And so on. Program design and quality supervision also play an important role. Visit some backpackers and have a sense of the whole process.

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