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How Do Backpackers Choose Their Backpacks
- May 07, 2018 -

Backpackers, short days and long nights.

I have seen many friends' reply and help, very professional. But I think backpackers use a backpack that is completely different from an outdoor adventure.

. They have a lot of different functional requirements, talk about my opinion and my choice.

If I'm not mistaken, I'm asking for Travel Backpack instead of finding Out Door Backpack.

How to choose the right backpacks?

Choosing a backpack is the most important part of the process, and too much capacity will inevitably lead to overpack, as the backpack is too big.

Sometimes you don't feel like you're putting in something that's not necessary. And the appropriate backpack capacity, can urge you to choose, the most needed material.

Not all of them. Remember that Packing Light is an important prerequisite for travel quality.

Please do not choose this size of backpack, too much burden to oneself.

Packing Light is a process, you may not be able to reach the limit of Light travel at one time, but it is necessary to work hard in this area.

I have the opportunity to show you how to choose the right materials and packaging. Now let's get back to the pack.

First of all, your bag must be on board size. One is to avoid the hassle of shipping, and the second is that the carry-on pack is far enough for backpacking.

It's kind of funny to check. I'll introduce you to a backpack that can get on the plane with an Osprey Farpoint 55.

Very big, has exceeded the airline's shipping standard, but after my own experience, each jji airport overweight gave me any warning, they.

They include Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and many other cities. But because the size has exceeded the standard, I don't do you sure can take.

Any guarantee of the plane, you can be ready to check in.

Here's another travel tip.

If you already have an ultimate weight checked bag, plus this 55L backpack, you can take home more than your carry-on luggage.

The Osprey Farpoint 55 is not easily available in the country, and even Osprey dealers have rarely seen the bag. Too many people

You know and mistakenly believe that backpack travel should be a good choice for mountaineering. And the function of the travel bag is not often contacted. The next section,

Let me illustrate their differences. The dealer directly told me that this bag is not bought in China, you don't have to worry about the domestic bump. But abroad

The airport can be seen every time, because he is the first model of foreign backpacking website in 2015.

Now I use a 28L backpack, which is understood and tried by Packing Light. 28L can afford any season for me.

Travel at any time. For example, in the UK for 30 days, I need to go through different climates and still hold all my clothes.

I took the daypack as a daypack with a one-shoulder backpack of the first bird, 4L, and took it easy to travel with the daypack. A daily backpack with a capacity of 4L.

Small to a lot of people can not accept, generally you will choose the daily bag around 15L. Well, that's the problem with the concept, actually 4L is enough.

The aps-c camera, gopro, iPad, EDC packets, headlights, and other paraphernals, even the gopro triaxial stabilizer.

There's plenty of stuff to carry around, so you'll find that you'll find that you're completely dissatisfied with the 15L daily bag, and that's all in the bottom of the backpack, even if you still have it.

For a 1.5-liter bottle and warm clothing, please do not choose more than 10L daily service packs.

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