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Do You Need A Top Tier System
- May 07, 2018 -

The top tier system will increase the weight of the backpack and increase the volume. And in the backpack, we don't walk with all the luggage, remember?

We already have the Packing Light idea. So professional travel backpacks don't have a top tier system, but enough.

Appropriate, they have a belt, a light and comfortable shoulder strap, a strap and a belt, and everything is just fine.

The disadvantages of the top-tier system in travel:

Overall weight gain

Thickness increase

Resulting in uneven bottom of the main bin.

-- the advantages of top-tier system in travel

Lighten the burden of reloading.

Backpack balance in mountain jumping.

Adjustable shoulder strap position to ensure perfect size.

There's no wrong design.

Positive net - a backpack that can't be found anywhere else without a zipper on both sides.

It's very easy to understand. If so, isn't it a thief? The bags are different. With altitude change, humidity.

Change, mountaineers often need to add clothes, so most of the bags on the front have a large stretch mesh bag for clothing and food.

Belt pockets - belt and shoulder straps, travel backpacks only and occasionally to see the pocket size of the passport size, but most.

The style doesn't. Outdoor mountaineering bags are designed for energy bars, GPS, EDC gadgets, and so on.

Water - my god, you won't choose to travel in a mountain pack with a built-in hose. When traveling in Europe, use a water bag to hold water.

? I drink water with a stainless steel insulated cup, not used to a water bottle, and more than a water bag. I think the good thing about the cup is that it's on the plane.

You can drink a whole glass of orange juice. 2. Airasia's undrinkable aircraft can be added to the drinking water in Kuala Lumpur. Starbucks' own cup.

Be green. 4. The hotel makes tea, drinks coffee and brushes teeth. 5. Easy to clean, 10 seconds to clean.

The fixed ring of the ice pick - the man who has no human travel route can't use the pole, and the ice pick... No... People often

See? So the stationary ring of the travel bag is not funny.

Improper locking straps - the lock strap is important to compress the backpacking space and make the material inside more stable. But more scientific trips.

Bags, lock straps will be stored in the main bin like luggage, with external auxiliary compression of the overall backpack volume, while many mountaineering bags, especially ski bags.

The external locking straps are very complicated because they have to be fixed with double plates, slabs, helmets, etc. Travel is a great addition to the snake.

Ultra-wear-resistant materials - wear-resistant materials are of course important, but lighter weights are more important than ice climbing and climbing.

Some other little highlights.

· the travel bag may have handles on all sides, so that it can be easily put into the luggage rack at different angles, or easily taken off from the taxi.

· a zipper with a keyhole (I think this is an important trip, and you will never see it on a backpack)

· the main warehouse is similar to the shape of the cube, convenient to place all kinds of collection bags.

· there may be a daily bag that can be fixed on the main bag, and it is convenient to carry out a kangaroo backpack.

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