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Comparison Of Real And Fake 5.11 Backpacks
- May 07, 2018 -

Recently, there have been a lot of fake and inferior 5.11 backpacks on the Internet. I also bought a bag from a BBS group to find the quality of the bag.

Very bad, then to local authorized physical stores to make a comparison. In order to prevent travelers from buying fake goods, the post makes a comparison.

Number one fatal flaw: shoulder straps.

The fake backpack straps are wide and thin. It was measured that the width of the shoulder belt of fake goods reached 7.8CM, while the genuine width was only 6.2CM. And the false

The shoulder strap is only 1/2 the thickness of the product. Therefore, fake products are not complex in human mechanics, which can cause problems such as neck, compression and so on.

The second fatal flaw: the use of counterfeit and shoddy fasteners.

"SIDE SQUEEZE" is one of the trademarks registered by the company, and if the "SIDE" is printed on the authentic goods knapsack.

SQUEEZE "trademark. While the fake goods are fake, the logo above is "SIDE SOUEEZE", but "SOUEEZE" is English.

The words don't exist. Although it is only the difference between "O" and "Q", it can be proved to be a fake commodity. The world's largest.

The fastener manufacturer can't misprint its own trademark.

The third fatal flaw: the details.

There are many differences in the details between authentic and fake goods. Please compare,

1. The fabric edge of the fake backpack is not covered. And the real thing.

2. The anti-slip stickers of fake products are obviously not as high as the friction coefficient.

3. The fake rope head seems to be burned by hand, while the real rope head is mechanical cutting.

The fourth fatal flaw: the details.

4. The quality of imitation hanging label printing is obviously poor.

5. The typeface of stickers is obviously larger, and there are fewer "5.11" Numbers, and the edges of the stickers are obviously not neat, such as artificial scissors.

The same.

6. The quality of the back plate imitation is poor, and the side is smooth.

The fifth fatal flaw: positive paste color is not the same as quality.

Although it is only a slight difference, it is listed as the fourth fatal flaw, because the defect in front is not seen in the distance, and it is correct and desirable.

B doesn't matter. But as long as you carry the bag on your back, it will be recognized as a fake. So it was listed as the fourth deadliest.

Defects. The left is false, the right is true.

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