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Classification Of Backpacks
- May 07, 2018 -

Mountaineering, camping, outing, the most indispensable thing is a backpack. It can carry a lot of things, free your hands, keep your balance,

Make the trip more comfortable and safe. But how do you find a professional job in a backpack that is big, small, and different?

The classification of outdoor knapsack.

(1) climbing backpacks: used for climbing mountain and snow rocks in middle and high altitudes. The main characteristic is the backpacking strong wear-resisting waterproof, the structure design is compact.

, the collection of goods is convenient, the external setting is professional and the burden is stable, etc.

(2) hiking: used in jungle mountain and other terrain hiking. The main characteristic is the backpacking strong wear-resisting waterproof, the backpack carrying capacity strong, carry the system.

Complete, external tie point more, etc. It can be divided into one-day backpacks and multi-day hikers.

(3) snow pack: used for snow and ice sports. The main characteristic is the backpacking strong wear - resistant waterproof, the structure compact lightweight, the burden structure is simple, outside.

Hang binding force and so on, have special snowboard and other skiing equipment to bind the fixed setting.

(4) purse/hanging bag: simple and convenient, you can pack some personal belongings.

(5) cycling bag: used for road and cross-country cycling. The main characteristic is the backpacking structure is compact, carry the light and comfortable, the external hang bind is convenient and so on.

(6) toiletries bag: portable waterproof and durable.

(7) arm bag: place your mobile phone and loose change when running.

(8) waterproof bag: place the mobile phone wallet camera when drifting in the stream, and the sleeping bag and clothes can be put in the long journey.

(9) travel bag: 20-40l capacity for laundry and personal items.

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