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Backpack-sized Use Selection
- May 07, 2018 -

Large backpack, short distance camping or long distance travel is necessary to carry a comfortable and able load of 45-80L.

Small backpack, short trip or long distance, with a certain burden, 15-30l.

Purse or satchel, use a little thing for long trips, preferably one with a kettles.

The photography bag, can choose the professional photography bag with the outdoor function, according to the individual need, slanting slanting is easy to take the lens.

Backpack rain cover, not only waterproof, long distance, is the ideal tool for dust.

Backpack straps, which can be used for the fixation of hanging objects in the backpack, and can be connected to protect the rope when necessary.

Small quick hanging, easy to hang on the backpack to pick up small items, towels, hats, garbage bags.

Compression bags, which can be used to install tents, fleece, down jackets and other bloated, soft items, can reduce the volume of these items in the pack.


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