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Why are backpackers so big
- May 07, 2018 -

It's not all big, it's small. The outdoor backpack is the capacity, the smallest has the charge bag, probably only about 10L, is to let the mountaineer in.

When the final sprint reaches the summit, reduce the burden and carry only the necessary water, compass, communication equipment (cell phone or satellite phone) and first aid.

The rest of the equipment is left in the camp. I have seen 80+7L, usually for photographic equipment. Usually if it's out.

Long distance or mountain climbing camp will choose between 60 and 70. For example, when I go out, I usually bring a sleeping bag: low temperature (10.

In both cases, the two must be brought together in order to adapt to different temperature changes or to increase thermal insulation.

Replace the inner coat -- the underwear is necessary to carry two sets, I request the high first aid medicine and disinfectant head lamp battery -- headlamp account lamp.

Or other devices use GPS-- if the local cell phone's signal is poor, such as a mountain range, etc. -- if it's a group, it's easy to disperse.

In the mountains, it was a big walkie-talkie for security, and MOTOROLA's small mountain range was an inflatable pillow, a quick dry towel kettle.

Water bags are useful, but water bags are usually equipped with the necessary shoes to carry a bag of water -- if not only on the road, but also in the stream.

It is necessary to bring shoes with different purposes -- such as compressed biscuits, beef jerky, and chocolate, which are necessary to supplement physical and calorie food.

It's not self-torture to go outside, it's to feel natural, so of course you can bring some recreational food shelter -- pack your backpack with your raincoat -- south.

The weather is unpredictable, unless your shoes and hats are rain-proof, or you'd better bring a raincoat - I usually don't.

If you're in the wild for two days, there must be someone in the team with a camping cooker -- a lunch box soup pot, and a tank with a stove top that will definitely bring enough sanitation.

Paper and enough trash bags to remember to refill the tent, in fact, a better tent can not fit into the backpack, because it is not small. So generally

It's a special bag. My own tent is two people with a small foyer, which can't stand on its own, it must be nailed, so it's heavier, it's always 2.7.

Kg, usually tied to a backpack. There are a lot of "colored donkeys", too, and there are lots of lenses to carry. These are the ones mentioned above.

I think it takes three or four days to get outdoors. Haven't counted the books yet? The volume of the book is small and its weight is heavy. So it actually is.

Quite a lot of, small back pack is not enough, and really hike mountain also can not be in the same hand as shopping mall bag small bag, but look for a burden department.

Good, can reduce shoulder pressure of good knapsack, the whole brain is put in, the back is the most appropriate, and the bigger the bag, the more the system.

Good. But for people who don't play outdoors, because they don't know these things, they don't respond to a small backpack, only to see the big back.

It's the bag that catches the eye. So if the subject does not play outdoors, it may be the result of his own "selective" observation.

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