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The purchasing skill of leather bag
- May 07, 2018 -

According to the number of

When traveling alone, you can choose between 25 and 35 liters of backpack. When traveling with family and children during the holidays, you need to choose 40 from the perspective of caring for your family.

A liter or so of the backpack, the external system should be more convenient to help the family with umbrellas, cameras, food and other items.

According to the gender

Because men and women are different in size and weight, the choice of outdoor backpacks is different. A day or two of short outings, male and female, 30 l left.

The right backpack will do. For more than two to three days of long distance travel or camping, choose between 45 and 70 litres or even larger packs, usually male.

Choose a 55-liter backpack, and women choose 45.

According to the schedule

One day trip, cycling, mountaineering, 30 litres of the following pack. Two to three days camping can choose between 30 and 40 litres of multi-purpose knapsack,

For more than 4 days of hiking, you can put tents, sleeping bags, moisture-proof pads and other outdoor equipment, and you can choose more than 45 liters of backpack. In addition, general

Unlike the backpacks used to climb mountains, there are not many parts for mountaineering backpacks.

According to the length

Before choosing a knapsack, you need to measure the length of your back, the distance from the bulge to the last lumbar spine. If the torso is small.

At 45 cm, you should buy a small bag. If the body length is between 45 and 52 centimeters, you should choose a medium size package. If you have a torso.

The length is 52 centimeters above, should choose a large bag.

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