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The matching technique of leather bag
- May 07, 2018 -

Casual style

The backpack of recreational model is more fashionable, have dynamic, more relaxed model. A backpack that highlights cute, youthful energy. Such as

This vintage backpack is on the right. Retro is a popular element, and most backpacks use this element. This kind of backpack is not only fashionable, but also compared.

A good fit is almost everything in casual fashion. The dash color of vogue adds a fresh flavor to the whole.

Collocation of students

In recent years, students' demand for bags is more fashionable and trendy, while students' backpacks are slightly overlapped with leisure.

. Because of the revival of the vintage style, the basic backpacks have come back to people's eyes, most of them in a variety of colors.

The main theme, candy color, fluorescent color, printing and other combination of college and fashion characteristics of the backpack is not only from the students praise. The bags were revealed.

The fresh sense of the college wind is full of vitality and is not rigid. Due to the style, the color is colorful, the students usually monotonous school uniform and casual.

The way you dress.

Travel style

Most of the backpacks of the travel style focus on the comfort of the shoulder straps, the breathability of the back, and the large capacity. So, the average travel size is very large,

But there are also stylish and voluminous models, such as the one on the right, which is a couple's travel style. Fashionable vintage bucket.

Retro style, small package can be selected. The design of the barrel shape is better than the ordinary package. Bright colors can also add to the journey.

In the mood. It is very suitable to match with pure color leisure style or sports style clothes.

Business style

Nowadays, the demand for computers is becoming more and more common, and office workers have to have a backpack that can hold all kinds of documents and computers. Nice shirt and trousers.

It is a common element of many office workers, the ordinary backpack is not enough to highlight the business atmosphere. A good businessman

Backpack, not only can add the temperament of the body, the multi-functional zone builds the new pattern in the orderly package, in the face of the emergency situation more quickly response.

Freely. The general business model is hard and solid, with the appropriate shirt, can be a good foil to the business people's upright.

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