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Introduction to backpackers
- May 07, 2018 -

I rarely participate in outdoor sports, just ordinary travelers. The only real backpacker trip was in June when a person went to shaanxi and qinghai.

Tourism. Tell me about my experience. According to the itinerary I plan, I will spend three days and two nights out.

On the train), so the equipment is fully considered to support these dozens of hours.

Layers of photographic equipment upper layers of clothing and food and other sundries. The backpack is 60L, packed full, and the measured weight before departure is 17.5KG. Carry the

The following items (listed from the bottom to the top of the package) : 1. 2. Thick sweatpants; Hiking shoes; 4. Underwear socks; 5,

6. All kinds of chargers; 7. Compressed biscuits;

8. Convenient rice; 9. Thin coat; 10. Camera lens; Apple (eat!) ; 12. Sports drinks in large bottles; 13. Beef jerky;

14. Mobile power supply; 15. Headlights; 16. Standby cell phone; 17. Small backpack (the above items are in the middle part of the bag and are taken through the "main gate" of the bag).

18. Various spare batteries; 19. Spare tissues and wipes; 20. Swiss army knife; 21. Sunscreen; 22. Camera; Map, line.

The table; 24. Certificates, cash and bank CARDS; 25. Medicine (cold medicine, agglutinate zhengqi capsule, band-aids); 26. Flashlight; (the above content

The product is in the head bag (the head bag is a small package that is relatively independent on the top of the bag). 28. Cell phone and battery; 29. Sunshade hat;

The compass (the above items are in the small bag on the belt of the bag) 31, the umbrella; 32. Tripod (removable single-leg type); 33, water

(the above bags are wrapped around the sides of the bag and tied around the side of the bag). This is the kind of stuff that can be used in a very small way.

Supported me for a few days (later regret, eat and drink too much, actually these on the journey all can buy, but the price is more expensive). Of course,

Not all of the time I was so silly carrying so many things, I noticed that I also had a small backpack (which was actually a bag, 25L).

As you can see, you can only use small bags to carry things with you when you visit the city. When you climb the mountain, you pack a lot of things you don't need.

There is a mountain foot and a big backpack. Generally speaking, the size of the bag and how much equipment is determined according to the schedule, long outside time, supplies.

When it's inconvenient, you need a big pack. In addition, a good bag can save a lot of energy, and a strong carrying system can shoulder.

The weight is Shared to the waist, and the back is breathable, so that even heavy loads can be easier to walk for a long time. Finally, packing is also a learning.

To save space, it is also useful to have a scientific distribution of weight against fatigue. Posted on 2013-09-03:1 comment sharing collection thanks.

I couldn't understand why my question was not answered. Now that I can't understand, I believe I can ask four people to agree.

The answer for wilderness, three 飡 and reverse, abdominal Jude as expected; For a hundred miles, a bed of rice; Thousands of thousands of people gather in March. "-- zhuangzi" go easy.

If you don't go to the no-man zone, you don't have to bring that much food. But medicine, rain gear, cameras, clothes, water bottles must be added together.

It's a lot. After all, you have to live, just on the road.

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