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How to choose a good backpack
- May 07, 2018 -

A. Select the volume of the knapsack according to the number of loaded items.

Take the 2 days camping activity around Beijing as an example. Due to the fact that there are more things to carry in the 2nd day camp, we need to carry tents, sleeping bags, moistureproof MATS, food, water and so on.

. So it's enough to choose a 30-40 or so backpack for the 2 days camping activity.

B. Choose a backpack according to the use of the backpack.

It's a mountain bag, but it's not the same. Rock climbing packages designed specifically for rock climbing are generally not designed for hard support, so that they are easy to carry around.

And the curve, the outside hang point is more, in order to facilitate the repair equipment, some styles also specially assembled the cloth of the finishing equipment. And the bike design itself.

Car series of bags, more attention to the cycling characteristics, specific can be divided into backpacks, packpacks, etc., with the top of the mountain top, these bags are not suitable.

All kinds of backpacks have their own unique application range, and the best choice is exclusive.

C. Carry the size of the system according to your body.

The carrying system of backpack has a certain scope of application, but the adjustable backpack has a wide range of application and is not unlimited, so it is good to choose a backpack.

The size of the system is very important. What size is appropriate? Generally speaking, the waist force point of the backpack should be on the waist socket above the coccyx.

The pivot of the shoulder belt should be slightly lower than the shoulder, so as to facilitate the adjustment and stress of the belt, and the back is comfortable. The back is too big.

It will induce the feeling of falling, and vice versa. When the right size is adjusted, the backpack will naturally stick to your back.

It is comfortable.

The bag is divided into several kinds, the general 15L -- 25L is the daily use bag, also can act as the package of big bag. 25L -- 50L, as a short line day two days.

To use. Generally not camping, below 30L, camping, usually above 35L. 50L -- 80L for a long pack, or two days.

On the camping trip, the girl suggested 50L -- 60L, and the boy chose 60L -- 80L backpack according to his physical condition. Girls are biologically tied.

The structure is different from the male, so it is suggested to buy the corresponding female backpack, oneself comfortable, the appearance is good-looking.

If you buy the first bag, buy a 25L -- 50L. It can be a non-camping trip, or a lightweight two-day camping trip.

. Then buy small bags, big bags, top packs, pockets, and other professional packages.

Taken together, first of all, choose a backpack to see, price, use, how much to load, the choice of the system, or the two days camping in Beijing.

For example, a 30-40 liter backpack is chosen because of the tent, sleeping bag, moisture cushion, food, water and so on.

It is recommended that OSPREY KESTREL 38, commonly known as the baby eagle 38, has a large number of outdoor activities. The price is relatively cheaper.

10-15 kg. Reference price :500-800 yuan.

It is recommended that Gregory's z35-r, lightweight and heavy backpack, is a little higher than the price of the hawk 38. The comfort load is about 10 to 18 kg.

G: 900-1400 yuan

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