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For backpackers, there are more cost-effective tourist attractions
- May 07, 2018 -

I think that for backpackers, there are no cost-effective places to visit, only places worth visiting... Because it involves money.

The problem is that I personally think backpackers' dictionaries should keep the money in the light, although no money is not enough, but consider gold.

The backpackers of money must have no taste, so for backpackers, there is no cost performance... It's not really a scenic spot.

It is what every backpacker pursues, because the scenic spot is just a very simple culture, such as Beijing, where many people come to the emperor.

It's to see the Forbidden City, the temple of heaven, the bird's nest. In fact, I personally feel that Beijing wants to know that the city can hardly spend a few bucks and a few hu.

In the same way, listen to a few authentic old Beijing words, and eat a few authentic Beijing snacks. That's enough. You don't spend any money, like I go out.

The city must go to the characteristic street of the city, such as the Confucius temple in nanjing, the central street in Harbin, the hui people street in xi 'an, and Beijing.

Houhai... Of course, if you are interested in the same scenery, I would like to go, I think I will go to the high ticket, such as huang.

Mountain, shennongjia, zhangjiajie, changbai mountain, these tickets are all in 200+, but I feel really good, and I don't care about the problem of money and little money.

. Travel is, as it were, an activity that has nothing to do with money.

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